Computers I’ve owned – Binatone TV Master Mk-IV plus 2

16 Nov

OK not strictly a computer but a retro pong based machine & was a very popular ‘tennis’ game console from the late seventies, first manufactured in 1976 by Binatone. The Binatone  TV Master Mark IV, was one of the most popular in the UK. Like the dozens of other TV … Read More »

Computers I’ve owned – Sinclair ZX Spectrum

16 Nov

Well it’s been over 35 years since the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum was launched so i think it’s only fair to pair homage to it with my latest addition to the “Computers i’ve owned” section. I’ve actually owned a few of these, albeit in there original Sinclair incarnation pre Amstrad … Read More »

Computers I’ve owned – Amiga 500

16 Nov

I actually owned 2, 1 broke down & was used for parts when i obtained another one which i kept u until the late 1990s.  The Commodore’s Amiga 500 was the low-end version of the Amiga range of the time.  It was a fairly easy machine to fix & maintain … Read More »

Computers I’ve owned – VIC20

16 Nov

The First computer I owned was the Commodore VIC-20. This was an 8-bit home computer which was sold by Commodore Business Machines, or CBM in the early part of 1980’s. At the time i got the machine the Commodore 64 had just been released, however i favoured the VIC20 as … Read More »

Computers I’ve Owned – Amstrad PCW

14 Nov

The Amstrad PCW. I know what you are saying “they are not computers but basic word processors” to which you have a point, however the PCW series machines i owned (as detailed here) were able to be loaded into DOS or CP/M type modes, allowing the use of bespoke software to … Read More »