Computers I’ve owned – Sinclair ZX Spectrum

16 Nov

Well it’s been over 35 years since the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum was launched so i think it’s only fair to pair homage to it with my latest addition to the “Computers i’ve owned” section. I’ve actually owned a few … Read More »

Computers I’ve owned – Amiga 500

16 Nov

I actually owned 2, 1 broke down & was used for parts when i obtained another one which i kept u until the late 1990s.  The Commodore’s Amiga 500 was the low-end version of the Amiga range of the time. … Read More »

Computers I’ve owned – VIC20

16 Nov

The First computer I owned was the Commodore VIC-20. This was an 8-bit home computer which was sold by Commodore Business Machines, or CBM in the early part of 1980’s. At the time i got the machine the Commodore 64 … Read More »

Computers I’ve Owned – Amstrad PCW

14 Nov

The Amstrad PCW. I know what you are saying “they are not computers but basic word processors” to which you have a point, however the PCW series machines i owned (as detailed here) were able to be loaded into DOS or … Read More »